DrT’s Pet Project Issue#2 Oliver R – Pancreatic Cancer Resolved

A dog named, Seven G, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer several years earlier. In fact, Seven nearly died at least three times (from pancreatic cancer…adenocarcinoma) before ultimately succumbing to a host of (unrelated) painful and age related issues (he was humanely euthanized after deteriorating too badly). Seven repeatedly developed peritoneal effusion (fluid in his abdomen) secondary to his cancer, one time requiring almost four liters of fluid to be drained from his belly.

Each and every time we started Seven on an herb called Graviola, his cancer went into complete remission, although sometimes this took longer than at other times. Seven did NOT like taking medication…OR supplements…of any kind! His exasperated owners ultimately gave up (temporarily) on keeping the independent minded dog on his herbs…and thus the eventual recurrence of the cancer. It amazed me that – in spite of the recurrence – that the condition remained responsive to the herbs!

This experience, for us, made pancreatic cancer quite a well recognizable foe, and led us to initiate treatment on Oliver almost immediately. The initial obstacle, however, was getting herbal therapy going when the necessary herbs are only available in an oral form. Our strategy involved utilizing a combination of vitamins and anti-oxidants which could go into Oliver’s IV line. while such protocols are not published or described in conventional medical literature, such information can be found in more obscure alternative locations.

Oliver’s initial “alternative” treatment required a day or two of patience, but eventually suppressed the nausea enough such that his appetite returned, allowing us to then initiate infusing his food with the same herbal therapy that had helped throw Seven’s cancer into remission (a total of FOUR times)!

Oliver has come back (from Southern California) once every six months ever since, with each ultrasound recheck proving negative for recurrence. There has been some “blow back” – mostly from strictly Western medicine advocates – that Graviola poses a risk for serious neurologic conditions with any kind of “ongoing” use. This – I might add – from advocated of chemotherapy which causes side effects SO serious that many patients decline treatment (and would rather die without it).

For the record, I have NEVER seen such secondary effects from Graviola, and I have been prescribing it for over a decade. Nonetheless, in an abundance of caution, we have opted to develop a proprietary mix of herbs – still containing some Graviola – to hopefully mitigate fear and/or reality, and yet still help cancer per survivors live out a full and long life free of cancer.

By the way, we believe also that the anti-fungal properties of the herbs we used on Oliver also eliminated his skin problems…they have not returned!


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